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  • Welcome! Are You Ready to Learn How to Play Chess?

    Excellent! Below you will find lessons on individual piece movement along with other resources to get you going and keep you growing.

    Additionally, our Kid Chess® Cartoon Lessons also provide an new, exciting, entertaining and instructive way to learn the basics of chess (and also some no-so-basic stuff for you advanced players). And if you miss a class, don’t worry. You can review what was covered that day here as well. Parents can also see what their children are learning.

    You may also check out our Skill Levels & Practice Resources page, and see our descriptions of the various levels of students and how they can improve their game.

  • First Things First

    Setting up the board and moving the pieces is the first step in learning chess, so check out ‘Setting Up the Board and Pieces’. Then continue below with lessons on individual piece movement.


  • Basics: How the Pieces Move

  • The King
    The Bishop
    The Queen
    The Pawn
    The Rook
    The Knight
  • Advanced Piece Moves

  • Castling with your King and Rook
    "Pawn takes Pawn" en-passant
    Pawn Promotion
  • Next Moves to Learn More

  • Kid Chess® Evaluator
    Kid Chess® Cartoon Lessons
    Look First, Move Later!
    Resources: Books and External Links
    Glossary of Chess Terms
    Skill Levels and Practice Resources
    Kid Chess® Puzzles!