Kid Chess® Online Clubs

  • Chess is vastly more popular now than it's ever been!

    Watch a preview of our fun and engaging club!
  • Kid Chess® Online Clubs

    • The Thrill of Victory

      Kids will engage in lessons and prepare for exciting tournaments, leagues, and matches between teams! They will grow a healthy sense of competition in games against other students and coaches!

    • Online Advantage

      Playing chess online helps kids, coaches, and computers see the best moves even better. The quickest way for anyone to improve is to see all of of their moves!

    • 100% Safety First

      Kid Chess Online is hosted on our private chess playground where your child is safe to play. It’s a healthy and hassle-free way to play with no clean-up and no fuss!

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    Registered students can find their online programs here
  • Scheduling for Flexibility

    Kid Chess Online is a clubhouse of fun your children will love. Registrations will be All-Access, allowing for your student to join lessons on any and all available club days for the semester! Our Summer Club will be hosted one day a week, but your student will still have All-Access to the learning tools and cartoons they love at any time.

  • Club Days & Times

    Times listed are Eastern Time
    • Wednesday Summer Club Time
      3:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Club Schedule

    Summer Club will meet each week.
    • Kid Chess Online - Summer 2022
      June 8 - July 27
  • Club Registration

    Summer Club 2022 will meet Wednesdays
    • Kid Chess Online Summer Club
    • All Access 4 Week Trial
      No Trial Offering for Summer Club
  • What do I need to know about my child’s registration?

    • Summer Club 2022 will be focusing on intermediate and advanced topics. Beginner students should practice on our Learn and Play tool to be ready for club.
    • An All Access registration allows your child to attend any and all club hours offered each week.
    • An 4 Week Trial registration lets you be more flexible with our semester of Kid Chess Online. 
    • If you have already registered your child with a 4 Week Package, you can upgrade to the Full Semester at a prorated price.
    • If the program has already started, you can register for a prorated price and join the club.
    • Your child needs access to YouTube and Google Meets services as they are a part of our Kid Chess Online web platform.
    • Webcams or microphones are not required, but may enhance their experience when learning with coaches.
  • Kid Chess Online Club Activities

    We will be offering a variety of activities through the semester and they may change every week for a variety of choices!

    • Chess Arenas – Students can play against each other and practice their lessons.
    • Challenge the Coach – Students can challenge the coach and get feedback about their moves.
    • Puzzle Jam & Racer – A tactics game to solve puzzles while racing against the clock and other students.
    • Chess Variants – Play variants of chess like Crazyhouse, Atomic, Pawn Chess and more.

    Students will also earn badges based on their accomplishments and can see their awards on their Player Profile.

  • For more information or to register

    Please call us at 770-575-5802 or Email:, or Register Online