Kid Chess® Private Lessons Online

Customized Weekly Lessons for your child
  • Private Lessons from top Kid Chess Coaches!

  • Kid Chess® Private Lessons Online

    • Customized Learning

      No two students are the same. Some students learn visually while others might learn auditorily. Some students benefit from a faster pace and some from slower. Kid Chess coaches use modern educational methods suited for your child’s needs and they go at your child’s pace.

    • Maintaining Acquired Skills

      Chess is a great way to keep your child’s math, science, and critical thinking skills in top form especially when school isn’t in session. Simply put, chess is scientifically proven to help people of all ages and education to stay mentally sharp.

    • Fine Tune Chess Skills

      Private lessons allow for our top coaches to hone in on individual needs – developing player skills in concentrated and focused lessons. Learn everything from chess basics to tournament preparation!

    • Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

      Our coaches will set practical goals tailored to your students needs in a relaxed online environment where success is not measured by win, loss, or draw, but by comprehension of concepts.

  • Scheduling your child

    Please make sure to include your requested day & time when registering. We will contact you to confirm details about your lessons and assist you with steps to continue. Please also be aware we are an Eastern-Time company if you are registering from another time-zone and our available coaches will likely be teaching at schools or online during the afterschool block of 1pm – 5pm on weekdays. If your only availability is at this afterschool time, we strongly encourage you to try Kid Chess Online.

    • 1 Lesson
      $50 ($50/Lesson)
    • 5 Lessons - Value Choice
      $200 ($40/Lesson)
    • 10 Lessons - Best Value
      $350 ($35/Lesson)
  • How will my child be learning?

    • Private Lessons Online will be a one hour lesson time with a coach over an online video-chat service allowing you to see and learn with your coach.
    • New students will be provided with a chess account to allow them to play and practice along with their lesson plan. Students previously enrolled in Kid Chess will be using their same chess account from Club and/or Camp. 
    • Students will be have access to resources they can use outside of their lesson time to practice on their own and be ready for each week!
  • For more information or to register

    Please call us at 770-575-5802 or Email:, or Register Online