Kid Chess® Online

Attend virtual Kid Chess Club from anywhere, five days a week!
  • KCO (Kid Chess Online) is a safe virtual club for your child to play chess, learn, and compete with his/her clubmates. Not only are we hosting this program on your school’s regular chess day, but we’re hosting it five days a weak and welcome you to join us!

  • Benefits

    Students registered in our existing After School Programs can:
    • Play Kid Chess students from any school
    • Compete in daily tournaments
    • Watch exclusive video lessons
    • Contribute to your school's rankings (see them here!)
    KCO activities:
    • General Chess tournament
    • CRAZYHOUSE tournament
    • Blitz tournament (Speed Chess)
    • Rated Advanced Chess tournament
    • Video lessons & Practice tools
    • And more exciting activities to come
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I register?

    We’ve made things easy – If you attended Kid Chess at your school, you’re already registered! Check your email for your child’s username and password. (If you cannot find that information, please contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ page.)

    When can my child participate?

    The Kid Chess Online space is open Mondays through Fridays from 2:45 pm through 4:45 pm.

    Is my child safe playing online?

    We have selected an online platform with a child-friendly safeguard called “Kid Mode.” Please remember to follow instructions in your emails to activate Kid Mode.

    What is Kid Mode?

    Kid Mode is all about child safety: it removes all communication features from the online platform, leaving only the best part: Chess!